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Upcoming 2SW Events 2006-2007

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Here is a schedule of all upcoming events for 2SW.
We know some events conflict, like in February when we have Ft Foster, Collier-Seminole, and Olustee on the same weekend. That could not be helped, because those events are timed around other local events in the area. It is not that we want to conflict, because we get along fine. It is just that we run out of weekends in the prime season.

Marion County Museum of History, Ocala
Annual Fort King Festival
September 23, 2006

Alligator Festival, Lake City
Usually October
Any one had a date and more information on this?

American Indian Arts Celebration
Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, Big Cypress Reservation
November 17-19, 2006

Dade Battlefield Reenactment
December 30-31, 2006
Interested in holding a reenactor meeting.
Wants to do more school programs (except school is always out then.)

Annual Native American Festival at the Casemates, Ormond Beach
(Jimmy Sawgrass)
January 6-7, 2007

Alafia Rendezvous
3rd week in January.

Fort Dade Rendezvous, Pasco County Parks & Rec.
Last weekend in January 2007

Singing River Rendezvous, Bradenton
2nd Weekend in February.

Fort Foster Rendezvous
February 15-18, 2007
Looking for impressions of Naval, Marine, Dragoon, Artillery.
Wanting to become more of a living history event inside the fort.

Collier-Seminole State Park
Native American and Pioneer Festival
February 16-18, 2007

Billie Swamp Safari
Big Cypress Shootout
February 24-25, 2007

Rainbow Springs Cracker Days
Paynes Prairie Knap-In
Both the last weekend of February.

Fort Cooper Annual Reenactment
3rd weekend in March.
Want to change vendors to totally period crafts.

Veteran’s Memorial Park, Tampa, on Hwy. 301.
Early May (Date soon to be set.)
3rd Seminole War event. Different scenario from last year.

DeLeon Springs Annual Festival
1st Saturday in August
Seeing if it could change to a cooler month, possibly in the Fall.

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On August 17th, 2006 11:41 pm (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
thnx for the heads up!
for more info on some of those, send them to my website. i have them and lots of pre - 1830 events in the north florida area on my upcoming events page. i have them listed by month, with contact info, links, and they can contact me through my guestbook on the site. in fact, i will add what you have here to that ASAP!
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