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Making a better communication network.

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For my sermon today, I will insert some of my favorite reenactment photos, and some of my favorite people. No captions--you guess where and who!

Today I went to Hillsborough River State Park. We had a meeting for parks that have Florida Seminole War events and reenactments. Not only state parks, but we also had representatives from two different counties, the Seminole Tribe, and other organizations. People who are employed at the parks, along with volunteers and living history interpreters. We want to set up a network of communications and resources.

One result is that you will see a listing come out of all the future 2SW events in the form of a booklet or flyer. People ask about more information on upcoming events, so this will help. Also, there will be listing on the Fort Foster website. (The Ft Foster website, because it is already established and just needs to have added a calendar with links.) We want a one-stop-shop with all things related to 2SW events. We want to share marketing and promotion.

This was not a session to discuss problems, but to come up with a network of communications. This was not a bitch session, and we did not engage in complaining. We did discuss some problems, but more from the angle that we can work things out.

We left this meeting with a great feeling that things are looking very bright in the future. Every person who was there was greatly concerned with the success of their event and wanted to do what they could to make it enjoyable for all. We want to have a fun at it too.

How does that sound? Well I am sure you will like this: Everyone at the meeting came out with a sense that the most important people at the events are you, the reenactor or living history interpreter. You are the event. You are the show. If it were not for the folks in old clothing, there would be no living history event.

With the way events are run these days, you can always get involved in the volunteer support organization that arranges for these events and make sure they are a success. This has helped eliminate a lot of the problems we had 10 years ago when most parks did not have a volunteer organization. Some people who will read this are with the Dade Battlefield Society or the Friends of Fort Foster. The Dade Battlefield Society has several members on the board who are historical interpreters at the annual reenactment. They are already hard at work working on the event that is still several months away. They are working to ensure that it succeeds, and I believe that it will. That is what ended a lot of the problems we had in the past; once reenactors got involved, communication was established and things were worked out.

We are certainly the masters of our destiny.

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