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So You Want to Go To New Orleans?

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Several of you have expressed interest about going to the 200th anniversary, bicentennial celebration of the Battle of New Orleans, the second week of January, 2015. That is great!

Here are some things you need to know:

This is a wholly unique event, and there will never be another event like it. This is THE GRAND EVENT for those of us who do 1812 living history! A special event encampment ground is being constructed for the event, and for future events. It is not the same location as the national park, but property purchased by the Louisiana Living History Society, St. Bernard Parish and the Meraux Foundation.

Here is the official event web page:

New Orleans 1815, hosted by the 7th U.S. Infantry Living History Association.


There is another guy with an almost identical web page out there, saying that he is making a documentary and soliciting donations. He is not with us. This is a private individual not connected with our event. We are making our own documentary, and are not asking for money, and it will be on youtube. We already have about 47 minutes of footage. You will see some of it on youtube already. It is the best damn quality that anyone will ever be able to make because it is being made by us, who know this event like we were there.

If you are a reenactor / historical interpreter coming here for the event, we are not asking to charge you for the event. There are other programs outside of the event, and banquets that do charge money, but those are optional. If you are coming to the encampment, that is fine. And we do have an optional donation page, which I will give you the link at the end.

First, and very important, is to register. It does not cost you anything to register, but register, you must do! Not registered, and you are not considered as going. NOTE THAT IT SAYS, “WALK-ONS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.” Myself, and the illustrious Colonel Abolt have registered ourselves. We will not register you; you need to do that yourselves by going here:

Official Registration for the Bicentennial: The Battle of New Orleans, 2015

If you said on Facebook that you want to go, then that's just dandy; you still need to register at the link above. Saying it on facebook does not automatically register you.

This is different from the National Park event. If you participate at the national park, you have to register with them.

Second, keep up to date with the events that are going on. You can do this by either our facebook page here:

New Orleans 1815 Official Events Page

Or, our yahoo group for the 7th infantry at
The Cottonbalers

Post a message at the above webpages if you want to ask about hotel accommodations. Book early, and expect to pay a lot! I made my reservations before the 199th this past year. There are a few places that still offer the reenactor / participant discounts. Every January I have been to New Orleans, it is usually cold and rainy. Last year included some scary lightning. So be prepared for adverse weather!

Camping on the site should be free. Some have relatives locally.

For the activities, here is what the Colonel has planned. (I’ve truncated some.)

From the Colonel:

To help you in your planning for New Orleans here is a brief outline. We will be publishing a more formalized schedule soon. You are 4 months out. Get organized now.

This is a huge deal. We have been doing the lions share to make this happen. If you are a member of this unit you need to be here. This is our story.

MON Jan 5. First day of prep at site. Camp Set up.

TUES. Jan 6. Day two of site work. Camps open for general participants.
Beginning of Carnival
Evening: British Mess Pakenham's Final Supper. Tickets $149.00

WED Jan 7. Day 3 of site work
11 a.m. Livingston's speech to the embodied militia sponsored by NPS. Location Jackson Square.

8 pm. Danny O'Flaherty Concert sponsored by 7th USILHA. FREE Location Audubon Room in the Hotel St. Marie French Quarter.

THURS JAN 8. 7th INF trooping of the Colors Chalmette Battlefield site in the morning.

Noon Daughters of 1812 memorial Jackson Square.

1:30 p.m Jordan Noble Memorial sponsored by 7th USILHA and Historic Treme. Jordan Noble was a musician in the 7th INF known as the Drummer Boy of New Orleans. He was 14 at the time of the battle. He was also the only person of Color in the regiment being a former slave from GA. Location Methodist Church in Treme about 1 mile north of French Quarter.

2 p.m Step off from Church led by Colors and Music of the 7th INF. March to St. Louis Cemetery #2 for graveside memorial. Done by 3 pm.

8 pm. Soiree at the Napoleon House sponsored by 7th USILHA SOLD OUT

FRI Jan 9.
School day at Park if anyone is interested. Grant and Tom to be at Park.
Final Set up at our battle site and camp.

Open for the public all day. Drill, Drill and more drill to prepare for:
7 p.m. Battle of DEC 23rd.

9:30 p.m. Second Line Parade through the French Quarter FREE. Sponsored by Tim Strain and Ricardo delos Reyes. Starts in front of St. Louis Cathedral and ending at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop.

SAT Jan 10
This is battle schedule only.
11 a.m. British Recon in Force of Dec 28.
1 p.m Artillery duel of Jan 1.
4 pm. British Victory on the west bank.
5:30 pm site closes.

7 p.m Grand Ball Presbytere. Located next to the Cathedral. Ticketed event sponsored by the Regency Assembly of North Carolina. Price being determined.

ALL NIGHT 11 pm to dawn Total immersion experience for all interested behind Line Jackson. Forward outposts, guard, patrols, rotating troops at the rampart etc.

SUN Jan 11
Morning TBA American Victory on the East bank.
Camps close
Battle events over.
Camps can be torn down or left until Monday.

6:30 pm to? GRAND FINALE Andrew Jackson's Victory Dinner and Country Dance sponsored by 7th USILHA and Antoine's Restaurant. Tickets are $100. Five course meal with dessert. Tax and tip included. Beverages separate.

For the Grand Finale, we have been given the entire two story establishment. This is a once in a lifetime event. Find info and purchase tickets by clicking Grand Finale page at www.neworleans1815.cottonbaler.com

MON Jan 12. Final tear down of Camps.

COL A and staff collapse.

And finally, we are still in need of donations to finish the event grounds. Please see our donation page and consider donating.
New Orleans 1815 – This short and decisive campaign!

And a last word from myself: (from Chris, again.)
I have been doing living history since 1986, right after the 150th anniversary of Dade’s Battle, which got me started with it. Because of health problems I have been afflicted with these past five years, I am not planning on doing any more reenactment events after this. The past two years, I have had to cancel out of events at the last minute, because I really could not walk. So I am making my maximum effort for what may be my final event. I will not say that this will be my last event. Just that this is the last one I have planned to participate with.
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