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Relics from Maj Mellon

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This is something really special. As most of us who study the war know, Capt. Charles Mellon was killed at the battle on Lake Monroe on Feb. 8, 1837. These are his dress epaulets, still owned by the family. They plan to donate them to the Sanford Historical Museum next year along with some letters that Mellon wrote from the field. The number 2 is for 2nd Artillery.

Christine at the museum had this to say about them:

Here's one of the pictures that Capt. Mellon's ggg-grandson sent to me of the epaulets. I thought you might like to see a picture of them.

In the box with them is:

Old Epaulettes repaired, bought, or taken in exchange for new.
I looked up "B. (Bartholomew) Delapierre" in New York, and found that he operated at this address on Fulton St. from about 1834 to 1837, although he was in business much longer, till the 1860's on Broadway St. in New York. He advertised himself as making "coach lace", but also: "trimmings, military fancy goods & fringes".

Here's the photo below---I hope it comes through to you, okay. "Capt. Mellon of the 2nd Artillery".

Christine at the museum further states that Mellon was breveted to Major a few days after his death, but before word had reached Washington. He was breveted for actions during the Battle of Withlacoochee on Dec. 31, 1836. After his death, his wife referred to herself as the widow of Major Mellon.

Really cool!
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