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New Year update

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I have been doing a tremendous amount of historical research since moving up to North Florida. And I am getting a chance to visit a lot of different places on the weekend. There is enough history up here to keep me occupied for a very long time. Not only in Florida, but I am minutes away from Georgia and Alabama. It is also neat to drive down a county highway and see houses that are over 100 years old and still have people living in them. I didn't see that in south Florida.

I was hoping to go to Dade Battle reenactment this weekend. But Friday morning I woke up with flu-like symptoms, and unable to keep down my oatmeal. After mopping up the mess I made, I found that I was too dizzy at work and had to come home instead. So I canceled my hotel reservation and decided to skip Dade. So I was really sad about missing all my friends there, but not sad about spending several hundred dollars this weekend when I go to New Orleans or Chalmette Battlefield next weekend and spend at least that much again.

Maybe instead I can start posting some of the research I have found while in the library.

I have several ideas for more writing, possibly some new books, that I have wanted to do for several years. So the next few years I will be doing some heavy researching. I have a good start on it, and think that I have more than most people. I can critique any book that covers the three Seminole Wars, and can find the faults, so maybe it is time to set the record straight; after some really bad ones recently from people who don't even research the primary sources and first-person accounts that are easily available. It does not cost me much to do my research, and the reenacting has gotten very expensive.

I was feeling better today, but not wanting to drive too far away. I visited a library in the area where I found a genealogy book printed in 1992, about some distant relatives of mine in the Florida panhandle that I didn't know about previously. I didn't even know that I had some cracker relatives up here.
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