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Polly Parker Jumps Ship

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Next week the Seminole Tribe of Florida is having a commemoration ceremony for a brave woman who escaped removal.

Her name is Polly Parker, and below is an old postcard of her taken in the early 1900s.

Like other Seminoles prisoners at the end of the Seminole Wars, she was being taken away on a ship and being transported to Indian territory out west. (1858) When the ship landed at St. Marks, south of Tallahassee, to take on supplies and water, some of the Seminole women were allowed to leave the ship to gather herbs and medicine plants. Once off the ship, Polly bolted, and ran off. She secretly made her way, back on foot, to Okeechobee. She died a free woman in Florida during the next century. A brave woman! I wonder if she was Bear Clan?

For a long time afterwards, you would not get any Seminole in Florida to get on a large ship. Not even 100 years later.

Sorrows of the Seminoles--Banished from Florida

Next week the Seminole tribe has a trip and commemoration for tribal members. They are leaving from Egmont Key and sailing to St. Marks, the route Polly would have taken. They are also doing the trip to try and get support from the state to preserve Egmont Key and the historical sites and Seminole burials there.

Just my opinion, but I think they are sailing in the wrong direction. I think they should be returning from St. Marks to Tampa Bay!

Wish I could meet them at St. Marks or Tallahassee, but I will be visiting and taking care of my elder father when they are here in town.
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