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Floral History Heritage Museum

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Today I took a slight detour and visited one of my favorite areas in Florida. Ranger Ken has retired from Fort Cooper, but his wife Kate and him are heavily working on the Seminole War trail at Fort Cooper, designing some very nice kiosk displays. They have faced a lot of hurdles, but are closer to getting the first display up. I can't wait to see all four.

Then I visited the Floral City Heritage Council Museum. You can visit their web page here: http://www.floralcityhc.org/

This area is the heart of all the action during the beginning of the Second Seminole War, and several skirmishes at the end of the war. There is so much that went on with the war in this area, and I am glad someone has finally taken notice. To commemorate this, they have a temporary exhibit on the Seminole War, and have 15 very nice exhibit panels. Also on display are a few artifacts, but we think that the best is a complete Seminole-made pot found nearby in the Cove of the Withlacoochee.

Check out the museum when it is open on Friday and Saturday. It is entirely volunteer operated, so that is why it is only open those two days. But the museum is a labor of love with the local residents. If you get off exit 314 on I-75 like you will to visit Dade Battlefield, go down the opposite direction on highway 48 instead. You will pass the historical marker for the Battle of Wahoo Swamp, cross the Withlacoochee River, and after a dozen miles, the highway ends on highway 41 in Floral City. A block before it ends, and on the left, is the museum.
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