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Support for Chocachatti Historical Marker

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In Hernando County, they are seeking a grant for a historical marker for Chocachatti, the site of a former Seminole Town. In my own opinion, you can never have enough Seminole War historical markers in Florida to remind people that the war was everywhere in Florida 175 years ago. I received an email yesterday, and here is what it says. Please consider sending them a letter of support.

Dear Members, Associates, and Friends of the Historic Hernando Preservation Society:

We are in the process of applying for a grant for the State Historical Marker for Chocachatti, the significant Seminole town and prairie located southeast of Brooksville. The application process requires 10-20 letters from community leaders, civic organizations, legislative delegations and public citizens. Form letters are not acceptable. If you could construct a letter citing the importance of designating Chocachatti town & prairie as an important historical landmark, it would help us achieve our goal. For members, please bring your completed letters to our June 6th meeting at Brooksville City Hall @ 5:30 pm. For others, you may mail your letter to:

P.O. BOX 1925
Brooksville, FL

This is a matter of extreme importance, and your help in this matter would be invaluable. We thank you for the letters of support and financial donations we have received thus far! Become a part of this great event, and support us through your letter...it is free, just taking a few minutes of your time, and you could become a part of Hernando history! Be sure to sign your letter as well.We need these letters ASAP! in order to meet our application deadline. Thanks in advance for your support.


Jon Yeager
Secretary & Archaeology Chairman
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