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Nenne MvskokE 2

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One thing that I was first told when I started to follow nenne Mvskoke was: Medicine is its own teacher. You can also say that wisdom is its own teacher.

And I learned that this is certainly true. Sometimes the answers are in front of us if we just look and observe. If we don’t, then we will miss it.

It is a really good thing to take quiet time each day and just observe or contemplate on something. Almost all religions have some type of meditation or quiet time.

Unfortunately for me, it seems that I have little of it. You would think that living and working in a park, I am always around the peaceful outdoors. I feel that I never am. Especially this time of year when the weather is great and I wish that I could hike around and enjoy the outdoors. Instead, it is the constant problems that came with working in a park that we have to deal with. Just coming into a peaceful park does not make people peaceful; on the contrary, it seems that they find reason to complain about anything and everything. So our job is always to deal with these problems and situations. In the summertime, the bugs are so bad you can’t go outside. So when the people are not hear, then forget going outside and enjoying the wilderness as well.

So I really need my quiet time. It really helps when I am able to get alone and unwind.

The founding fathers who created this American nation and government 240 years ago were brilliant thinkers. Anyone who reads their writings can see this. Someone suggested that it was that way because of the technology. It would take days and weeks to travel from their home to the national capital. So they would be in constant thought while travelling.

Maybe that is what I need in order to learn. Where is that horse carriage that is going across the country?
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On February 14th, 2013 03:56 pm (UTC), duck113 commented:
I find watching a fire to be a shortcut to calming & settling my mind-
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