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Road trip

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My niece is getting married this weekend, so I am back up in Central Florida. My ankle has been bugging me with tendonitis, so I have to keep off my feet if at all possible. That is against my nature, so I am having a hard time at it.

I came up by way of Okeechobee and old 441. There is a resturant in Kenansville, the Florida Cracker Cafe, between Hollopaw and Yehaw Junction. They are on the east side of the road sitting by themselves, with no sign to say what they are. They have outstanding steaks.

I am going to check out a museum in Sanford today. Been a while since I have been up there, and there is a historic museum on the side of Fort Mellon park. Got a nice email from one of their workers, and hope she will be around. I will probably end up reprinting it here, because she had a lot of nice things to say. I won't reprint it now because I am on a different computer and getting finger tied on the keyboard.

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A stone's throw from Lake Fumecheliga
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