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Everglades Trail Kiosk #21 The Extra Kiosk!

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Kiosk #21
Seminole Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum
HC-61, Box 21-A, Clewiston, FL 33440

DSC06315 - Copy

A one-mile raised boardwalk through a beautiful cypress dome leads to an authentic Living Village depicting Seminole life at the turn of the century. The Museum’s exhibits and artifacts show how Seminole ancestors lived in the Everglades.
Phone (877) 902-1113
website: www.ahtahthiki.com

(Below: A view from the boardwalk in the cypress dome during a morning bird watching walk last month.)


This was an additional kiosk added after the original 20, so it is not listed on the map at the other kiosks. The Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes consider themselves partners with the Everglades restoration efforts, so this kiosk was added to show the significant culture of the people who live in the Everglades.

DSC06319 - Copy

DSC06317 - Copy

The kiosk is at the museum parking lot by the bus shelter, which is a good location that will be seen by everyone visiting the museum. For the kiosks that are painted, they are a light gray color. This one is painted white, which matches the color of the shelter. When I visited in July 2012, the kiosk had the brochure box on the kiosk, but when I visited the next month in August, the brochure box was missing! Fortunately, there are brochures in the museum across the street.
Visited 7/27/2012.

(Below: The map / Everglades trail panel with all 21 sites on it. This is the only E-trail kiosk with a map that has the red dots for all 21 sites! Don't miss this one!)

DSC06321 - Copy

(Below: As I leave the reservation to go back home, there are some beautiful vistas along Snake Road and the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribe's cattle pastures.)

DSC06323 - Copy

This is the final kiosk of the Everglades Trail. I don't know anyone else who has visited all 21 kiosks, other than myself. I have met one other person who came close, and was only missing two!

Update 12-8-12
I went to the Ah-tah-thi-Ki Museum on Friday, and the brochure box is back on the kiosk. It was apparently removed to get a fresh coat of paint, and looks nice!
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