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Everglades Trail Kiosk #19 Rookery Bay

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Kiosk #19
Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Estuarine Research Reserve, 300 Tower Road, Naples, FL 34113

ET-19-Rookery 007 - Copy
Everglades Trail Kiosk #19 at Rookery Bay

With 110,000 acres, this preserve provides opportunities to explore natural areas and cultural history. The Environmental Learning Center features exhibits, daily programs, nature trails, viewing area, guided kayak tours, art gallery, gift shop, and special events.
Phone: (239) 417-6310
website: www.rookerybay.org

ET-19-Rookery 003 - Copy
(Note: The sun was shining directly down onto the panel, so I had to angle my view so I wouldn't get a glare.)

The education center is worth visiting. The kiosk is to the right side of the sidewalk that goes up to it. Just make sure that you visit when the visitor center is open to the public, which is Tuesday to Saturday. Otherwise the fence into the park will be locked tight.
For some reason, the Rookery Bay folks felt the need to tack on signs for NOAA and DEP on the side of the kiosk. It's the only one that I've seen that way.
Visited 9/6/2012.

ET-19-Rookery 010 - Copy

(Below: From the second floor of the educational center, take the walkway that goes out over Henderson Creek.)
ET-19-Rookery 015 - Copy

The trail that goes over Henderson Creek also has some good signage.
ET-19-Rookery 014 - Copy
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