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Everglades Trail Kiosk #11, Alligator Alley Rest Area

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Kiosk #11
Everglades Wildlife Management Area
Alligator Alley I-75 Rest Area at Mile Marker 36

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In addition to restrooms and a boat ramp, the Everglades Wildlife Management Area has wildlife exhibits and an observation platform. Wading birds are frequently spotted in the sawgrass marsh – so bring a camera!
Phone: (954) 746-1789
website: www.myfwc.com/recreation/WMASites_everglades_index.htm

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The rest area where this kiosk sits has a maze of roads for the recreation area. If you exit off Alligator Alley going from east to west (from Fort Lauderdale to Naples), you will see the kiosk on your right. If you are coming from the other direction, it will take some work to find it, and you will have to follow the signs going back on the highway towards Naples, when you will see the kiosk on the left.

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This was the only kiosk I found with a light installed. A spotlight shines on the flag of a memorial to an FWC officer killed in the line of duty. The observation platform gives you a nice view of the grassland, where you can also look down on the kiosk. Unfortunately the brochure box in the kiosk is becoming a trash receptacle.
Visited 10/14/2012.

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