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Everglades Trail Kiosk #9

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Kiosk #9
DuPuis Management Area
23500 SW Kanner Hwy, Canal Point, FL 33438

SE Fla Envirocation Sony 109 - Copy

The DuPuis Management Area on the northern edge of the original Everglades presents opportunities to ride horses, camp, hunt, and walk along an interpretive trail. A visitor center with exhibits interprets the natural and cultural aspects of the reserve.
phone: (561) 924-5310
website: www.sfwmd.gov

SE Fla Envirocation Sony 112 - Copy

SE FL Envirocation Panasonic 051 - Copy

A side trip worth the effort is to visit the historical marker commemorating the 1928 Hurricane Mass Graves, along highway 76, a few miles to the west.

SE Fla Envirocation Sony 114 - Copy

The kiosk is clearly seen along the roadway, but the gate before it was locked, with a sign that said the reserve was closed because of hunting. They could have made it accessible for people who just wanted to read the information about the reserve, instead of closing it off completely. No gates to the reserve were open, and the visitor center was closed with the gate locked as well. So I had to climb over the fence to get these photos of the kiosk. Unfortunately, the kiosk is in need of cleaning and shows signs of neglect. (Other than being one of several that were not painted.)
Visited 10/14/2012.
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