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Everglades Trail Kiosk #8

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Kiosk #8
Port Mayaca Lock
18100 SW Conners Hwy, Canal Point, FL 33438
Stop by to hike the trail, fish, or get some great pictures of the abundant wildlife that resides here. Visitors can usually see manatees, alligators, and many species of birds.
Phone: (863) 983-8101,
website: www.saj.usace.army.mil/Divisions/Operations/Branches/SFOO/DOCS/FactSheet_PortMayaca.pdf

SE FL Envirocation Panasonic 055 - Copy

This was a disappointment. Coming up from the east, from DuPuis Management Area on highway 76, I came to the canal, but was on the opposite side from the kiosk, and had to find the road to access the kiosk. I had to loop over the overpass of hwy 441 across the canal, and pick up the road on the other side. Once I got there, it was obviously the kiosk with the green metal roof and three panels. It did not have the usual Everglades Trial panels, but instead, three panels about hiking the trail around Okeechobee.

SE FL Envirocation Panasonic 056 - Copy

Where were the two Everglades Trail panels, and why was there no panel about the Port Mayaca Lock? Is the Army Corp of Engineers lazy and never created a panel for this spot?

Left panel. (below)
SE Fla Envirocation Sony 121 - Copy

Middle panel. (below)
SE Fla Envirocation Sony 122 - Copy

Right panel. (below)
SE Fla Envirocation Sony 123 - Copy

(Below: Looking back towards the canal with the highway overpass bridge.)
SE Fla Envirocation Sony 124 - Copy

(Below: the Port Mayaca Lock. Lake O is on the other side.)
SE Fla Envirocation Sony 125 - Copy

(Below: The inland sea of Lake Okeechobee.)
SE Fla Envirocation Sony 126 - Copy
Visited 10/14/2012.
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