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It is a about 5 a.m. I am usually an early riser, but I don't have work today and will take another quick nap soon. We had some welcome rain this evening and night, and the mosquitoes will start to be out in force... It really makes you plan your daily activities to be inside by nightfall.

We are very busy at the park with a building project. Working outside in the sun zaps the strength out of you, so I took a 90 minute nap when I came home. It messes up your sleep though, which is why I wake up early like this. We really enjoy doing this project, because it will be something nice for our campers to enjoy next busy season. Mosquitoes are not bad yet, but the gnats are the worst we have ever seen.

The camper we had to remove from the park this past week left behind a mountain of cigarette butts and beer bottle caps all over the ground. When camping, humans can be such pigs. That is one reason why I hate smoking and drinking in our park--I'm the one who has to clean up this mess. If you have to pick up hundreds of cigarette butts off the ground, you won't like smoking.

I am going up to western NY for an 1812 reenactment in another week. I am flying. The problem is that I don't have a guncase/suitcase long enough for my flintlock. I suppose for the future I will have to have to get one of these smaller muskets when I travel. This beast is about as tall as I am, and I don't think they make gun cases that long.

Bunch of other things running through my head right now, so I will just call it quits for now.
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I really need to get back in bed.
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