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Notes on the Everglades Trail

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A few of my notes on the Everglades Trail. I started out thinking all of the kiosks would be the same. Far from it. I was a little shocked when I found the first one that wasn't painted. I've now found out that one-third are not. So here are some more observations:

Kiosks with the heron weather vane on top: 7 (Not as common as I thought they would be.)

Here is the weather vane that I am talking about:
4-5 sony 009 - Copy

Kiosks that have a brochure box: 11
Extra points if they have the Trail brochures: 7
One kiosk I visited had the brochure box disappear from one month to the next! (#21.) So I count it as not having a box.

Originally, the site panels for the specific locations were supposed to be in a specific order. They are not. Maybe it would have helped if the instructions to the proper arrangement had come out before the kiosks were set up, instead of after. So of the three panels, the unique individual panel for the specific site will be on this side:
Left: 4
Center: 10
Right: 6
Here are the three standard panels. Two are common with the other kiosks, and one is the site specific panel. The site specific panel often has a yellow background.
ET 20 panels - Copy

Everglades Trail road signs that are not at the same park entrance gate or location as the kiosk: 4
Road sign:
DSC06787 - Copy
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