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Paving Paradise

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I found this great book on the Florida wetlands and environment.

I really enjoyed reading it, because it discusses many of the places I am familiar with in Florida. And the story continues, and you can visit the blog here: http://www.pavingparadise.org/

Unfortunately it gives a troubled outlook for the future of Florida. If only people were aware of the environmental destruction that is going on in Florida, they would be outraged. And it continues. I wish everyone would read this book, especially politicians who are responsible for urban planning. The people we thought were here to protect the environment in Florida, by reviewing and allowing permits of construction, are not doing their job of protecting the wetlands. The Army Corp of Engineers are actually accomplices in the crime against our environment. An example given in the book is where 1200 permits the Corp had to review, they only turned down one, and that was because of public outcry. The following year they turned down four because of criticism by the public of not doing enough to protect the environment.

It was not always that way. The Corp turned down building permits from the Deltona Corporation that would have totally destroyed southwest Florida in the 1970s. The Corp approved one permit and turned down two others, which is why you have Marco Island building today. It is hard to image that it could have been much worse. But with the two permits turned down, you had the creation of Rookery Bay preserve; over 100,000 acres, which would otherwise have been totally developed. But builders learned their lesson, and changed their tactics to get what they want.

Every now and then I see Bobby Billie and the Independent Seminole-Miccosukees make their show and protest. They want Florida to go back to pre-Ponce de Leon. It's not going to happen. I don't agree with everything they say, but do agree on one thing: We need no more building in Florida. Our environment is being destroyed. Are we past the point of no return for poisoning and destroying everything in Florida?

I could talk a very long time and get more detailed on the subject, but that is enough for now. People need to be concerned with the environment they live in; how destruction of natural areas my have a bigger effect than they realize. A few years ago the Everglades restoration was in the news down here almost daily. Now it is not, but things are not getting better. We need to bring this topic back onto the front page of the newspaper. (That is if people are still reading newspapers.)
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