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New Book: Religion and the Seminole Wars

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I just received this in the mail and have not had time to read it, but am pretty excited about it.

Religion and the U.S. Army Chaplaincy in the Florida Seminole Wars, 1817-1858 by Dr. Kenneth E. Lawson. 2006, self-published by the author. Copies can be obtained by sending a check to the author for $22. Email me if you are interested.

The author is a U.S. Army Chaplain for the U.S. Army at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. (Same place where I went through basic training almost 20 years ago! I always felt some irony about portraying a Seminole warrior in Florida and then going to army training at Fort Jackson, but we don't pick our stations when we enlist.)

Having my own huge library of Seminole war related books, I am always on the lookout for new material and authors who self-publish. If you go to ebay and see a copy of Guns Across the Loxahatchee by Richard Procyk, or Kenneth Hughes' book on Fort Jupiter, get them! A lot of researchers self-publish some great research and are often ignored by the big publishers.

Btw, Franke's book on Fort Mellon is going for $165 at used book web sites. And I am sorry to see my copy of the Billy Bowlegs War disappear a few years ago.

Anyway, back to Lawson's book:

He has definitely done his research and been to the same historic sites as myself. He also devotes a chapter to Seminole beliefs, which I am eager to review. So I look forward to reviewing this book.
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