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The 21st Century Creek Civil War

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There is another civil war right now among the Creeks. It is between Hickory Ground and the Poarch Band of Creeks.

I think that this video on youtube will explain it:

Website: http://www.SaveHickoryGround.org

Save Hickory Ground

Hickory Ground was the last site of the Creek National Council before removal. It is a historical, cultural, and archaeological site near Wetumka, Alabama, that contains the burial remains and former Grounds of Hickory Ground until the Creeks were forcibly removed. It is considered a holy and sacred site. The descendants know who is buried there, or was, until they were dug up by the Poarch Band.

About 30 years ago, the State of Alabama felt that the site needed to be preserved, and was in danger of destruction because of plans to build apartment houses and a shopping center. So they went to the nearest Indians they could find, the newly federally recognized Poarch Band of Creek Indians. They gave the land to Poarch, with the agreement that only a small educational center or some type of memorial would be built, and the site preserved. The Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma was approached about this, and seemed pleased with the agreement at the time.

Years later, the Poarch Council leadership betrayed this oath of preservation, and decided to construct a casino, which resulted in desecration and removal of burials. And the Hickory folks are hopping mad, because those were their ancestors, and they probably know them by name. And now the fight has really gotten ugly, as you can see on facebook, on “Save Hickory Ground.”

Let me explain a few things about a ceremonial Ground. A ceremonial or Square Ground is not under the authority of the tribal leadership, just as a church is not under the authority of the government. The Ground is under the clan or family who is charged with maintaining it. So neither Poarch Band, nor Muscogee Creek Nation, should have had jurisdiction over this Ground. That alone was the Hickory Ground descendants. For example, my church would not be under the control or say of the county, state, or national government, but the religious denomination. Just like a local Episcopal Church is under the local bishop.

Before Hickory Ground was given to Poarch in the early 1980s, The Muscogee Creek Nation probably never received any land back from the state of Alabama. And they probably did not know what to do, being so far anyway, and the Poarch Band had promised to preserve it.

The Poarch Leadership are Creek in name only. They apparently have no surviving cultural distinctions that make them any different from the surrounding communities of Alabama. They are Christians, they don’t speak Muskogee language, and do not know of the old cultural ways. They don’t care about their history and their cultural preservation since they have nothing of their own to preserve anyway. The only reason Poarch got federal recognition, was that they were a rider on a budget bill that passed through congress. Poarch are just one of many groups of Creek descendant groups, and several others have tried to get recognition, even in the same way, but the bills they were riding on did not pass.

There are some people of Poarch who are not happy with the decision of their leadership to desecrate the burials. There are actually some eastern Creeks who did retain some of the language, culture, and other distinctions, but are not of the tribal leadership. There are about 30-50 traditional families outside of Poarch who are seeking to retain the old ways.

The Poarch tribal council took away the voting power of their members, and gave themselves exclusive authority. Yes, a dictatorship. So the Poarch leadership has betrayed its own people in the spirit of William MacIntosh when he betrayed his people and gave up all their land in Georgia with the Treaty of Indian Springs.
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On January 16th, 2013 10:15 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: Ark of the Covenant
Your story was amusing the first couple times, but now that you are repeating it over and over again, all further posts will be blocked. No, it is not exciting news, but just absurd.
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