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Jesup Diary

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I think that I have finished editing the mistakes on the transcription of the Jesup diary that is posted at the Florida Memory website; part of the Florida archives collection.

I verified a few last checks today looking through the Florida Territorial papers, to verify some names.

I have made about 700 corrections of mistakes that I found on the Florida Memory website transcription. Now I need to decide what I want to do with this corrected version. I went though a lot of work for this, here with a stack of books on the 2SW, with about half a dozen eyewitness accounts to these events to verify everything. I am now restoring that big gap of missing books in the book case that contains books on the Seminoles & wars. Five shelves on a 7ft. tall bookcase, all on this subject. I am just not going to give this work away for free.

The people at the state did some hard work for what they did accomplish, and should be credited for what is there. But that is what you get when so many employees are laid off and you down size, leaving it up to the student interns. I know at least four different people they could have approached to verify this manuscript before it was posted on the internet.
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