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Paynes Creek Filming is a Wrap!

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On Wednesday I could not even walk and went to the foot/leg doctor again. He did some things that helped immensely. I was still hobbling around on Thursday and had an MRI done on the foot. By Friday morning, my bad foot was doing much better, and was almost the same size as the other foot. I woke up feeling good. I could walk and stand, so I went to Paynes Creek. Saturday morning, the foot was not swollen at all. But it is still tender and gets sore if I am on it for very long. It will take some time to heal, and I don't want to get too crazy on it.

Anyway, I was feeling so good on Friday morning, I decided to give it a go and join in for the filming at Paynes Creek. They had already done the trading post burning the day before when I couldn't be there. But I was still able to have a couple small parts. That way I could still be in the film, but do just a few small parts that didn't involved running around, and I didn't have to stand for very long either. So it worked out well.

The rain had been very bad at Paynes Creek the night before, that it swamped the park. (Another reason why I was glad that I was not there.) The water is now at levels that have not been seen in several years. The Indian camp was flooded out, and we needed 4-wheel drive vehicles to get anywhere. We went down to the youth camp which some of you may remember from last March. Here is how it looked Friday morning after the rain. The edge of the water was about 16 feet down that sandy slope back in March, and there was a steep bank on the other side.

paynes creek filming 002 - Copy

The canoe in the water is setting up for a shot that was not originally planned, but made a nice filler shot.

paynes creek filming 012 - Copy

Fortunately I brought a chair and could have a comfortable seat for the time it took to get everyone to the site and ready to the shot. Then we packed up everything and went to Hillsborough River State Park, to do some shots at Fort Foster.

Saturday morning we did some shots of the Seminoles and officers at Fort Foster, and were done. What did we do there? Well, you will have to wait and see the new movie in the Paynes Creek interpretive center!

Here is me at Fort Foster:

paynes creek filming 016 - Copy
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