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Filming at Paynes Creek

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The next two days and over the weekend, the park service is filming the new visitor center film for Paynes Creek Historic State Park. I love the park because it has a great annual festival and is the same district as I am.

I wish to all the world that I could participate in the project. Unfortunately I have a health situation where I am unable to walk right now. And certainly unable to drive up there right now. I went to the doctor again today, and will probably go for an MRI tomorrow.

I have some killer new outfit parts that have not been seen in public that I was planning to wear for the filming. Now, I don't know if they will ever get the chance to be in public. I don't know the future of my foot & leg, and if I will ever do any events, ever again. It is a complicated condition involving several factors, complicated by diabetes.

I wish & Park Manager Jackson & Ranger Neal at Paynes Creek all the best. I love that park and am really sad that I can't participate in the project. This foot / leg thing sure took a bad time to act up.
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On September 13th, 2012 03:53 am (UTC), duck113 commented:
I hope you make a fast recovery!
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