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Bad Reenacting 101--Cell Phones

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Someone sent me this page of reenactment photos from the 2006 Drake's raid event in St. Augustine.

On the first page of photos from Drake's raid, number #18, is a Timuquan Indian reenactor holding a cell phone. We know who you are, but I am not naming names here.

Please, please, please, please! Keep the cell phones out of the public eye! Nothing is too important that you need to whip it out in front of the crowd. It ruins the whole interpretation, not only for yourself, but all those around you within sight.

This is one of those little points that separates the reenactors from the interpreters.

If you absolutely must call home, do it when you are away from the crowd. The best thing to do is turn it off and put it away when you are doing the program.

If you happen to have forgotten to turn it off and it rings, apologize to the crowd and step out of public view.

If you are waiting for a call that is so important that you must leave it on, perhaps you ought to reconsider participating at the event that day, and go take care of business elsewhere that is more pressing. Otherwise, try to leave the cell phone off.

You know, not too long ago we did reenactments without the luxury of cell phones.

One exception to having those things where they might ring, is if you are an event coordinator, and people are calling you about battle details or event decisions. Or if you are a park ranger like myself and have to remain in contact with the park staff and park manager. In those situations, it is still understandable. But if it rings when you are in front of the public crowd, apologize and step aside.

Somehow, if you are caught talking on a cell phone, your photograph will be all over the front page of tomorrow's newspaper talking on the cell, or all over someone's photo album on the internet. Try not to make this happen. It only makes you look bad.
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On August 1st, 2006 04:03 am (UTC), connor_campbell commented:
well at least...
he isn't talking on it in this shot. i have made pouches sepicifically for this eventuallity, so that these pictures of me won't get made. However, in his defense, he does look as though he is trying to keep it out of sight, not flaunting it, and i think this was more a case of the photog just not watching.

of course, any "out of place" object will get someone to take a picture of you, especially soda cans and hotdogs!
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