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Who are these new Yamassee?

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There is a group that I am seeing a lot these days that calls themselves the Yamassee-Muskogee Nation. They were at a recent reenactment in St. Augustine, and at a couple pow wows. And I imagine that they will try to participate at Dade Battle Reenactment and other events in the near future. No, they are not the Cox-Osceola group from Orange Springs who have changed their tribal lineage at least 16 times, from Sioux to Yamassee-Miccosukee. Yes, a new pseudo-Muskogee group has appeared. Will it ever end?

I will not question if they have Yamassee ancestry. For all I know, maybe so. There are people around St. Augustine and the lower St. Johns River who have mixed ancestry going back to Spanish times.

Looking it up in Swanton, the Yamassee were a major tribe associated with first the Catawba confederacy, and then the Creek Confederacy. They were driven out from the Carolinas by the English in the Yamassee War in 1715 and then became allied with the Spanish in St. Augustine. Then they allied with the Apalachee against the Spanish in the Apalachee revolt. They were somewhat welcomed by the Seminoles, whatever was left after being killed by both English and Spanish, but they were in a subservient position to the greater Seminole.

I know a man close to 80 years old who said that around 1969, he helped move the last of the Yamassee people to Brighton Reservation. He said there were only about a dozen of them living between Palatka and Jacksonville, and they were all elderly.

So if there are any lineages from the Yamassee with this new group, it has to be seriously watered from generations of forced assimilation.

The worst thing that I see is that this new group is dressing up as the worst reenactors that I have ever seen. Anywhere from what looks like flannel fake buckskin with store brought moccasin boots, with a bunch of turkey feathers thrown in. And a Seminole dress or ribbon shirt. Another group that makes stuff out of a Ben Hunt craft book. The outfits don't fool the real recognized Seminole or Miccosukee tribal people, who are totally reviled at such displays.

So what are they doing by making a visible show? The same thing as all these new tribes that appeared the past 40 years. They want federal recognition as a tribe so they can have a reservation to get federal assistant, and then build a casino. It is all about seeking federal recognition, which is all about money.

But for me, what says it all is what I saw on their profile on facebook. Their open association with the Empire of Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah. Seriously? What language is Dug-dah-mound-yah? This is the most bizarre group I have ever seen. Is this Yamasee-Muskogee group a spin off from them? Who are these Empire Washitaw Dug-dah-mound-yah group? If their members were not so bat-poop dangerously insane crazy, then they would be comical.

When I was working personnel years ago, the county I worked at employed an active member from this group who was clinically insane and exhibited some truly bizarre behavior. They fired him after he built a well fortified bunker in the park where he was employed, and threatened to kill his supervisor. So after that incident, I looked into this Empire of Washitaw group.

This Empire of Washita group was raided by the feds for tax evasion about 2000. The feds confiscated computers and material used to sell memberships to people in 48 states and 10 countries, with printed passports and their own currency called "mound money." I am not making this up. Their "empress" claims to be from a long line of royalty descended from the illegitimate heir to Louis XIV of France, who also claims to be the real owner of the Louisiana Purchase. They have been working for years suing the U.S. to get it all back.

And it gets more bizarre. They claim to be descendants of a 100,000 year old empire from the continent of Mu (another lost continent which predates Atlantis) and came to North America 25,000 years ago and built all the Mississippian and Hopewell Mounds. They claim all those archaeological sites as their own. And they claim to be Moors, too. Since the Hopewell Mounds predate Moors arriving in America by 1,000 years or more, I am not sure how that works. It would require some skill for their vast empire to be overlooked by the United States during Indian Removal of the 19th century, or the past 135 years of anthropologists all over North America. For their documentation, they have offered a bizarre collection of unrelated things like George Custer's battle report of the Battle of Washita, which was really a massacre against peaceful Black Kettle's village in 1868 near what is now Cheyenne, Oklahoma. (I've visited there.)

This crazy guy with this group who I had to process for the county insisted that I include in his personnel file a big stack of documents with UN treaties on indigenous people, and US congressional documents from over 100 years ago that says that native people can make and sell moccasins and baskets. The reason is that these folks with the Empire of Washitaw claim that they are tax exempt, and those documents somehow explain it.

So if this Yamasee-Muskogee tribe considers themselves allied with the Empire of Washita, then I want nothing to do with them.

Oh yeah, one more thing to add after I posted this. The Yamasee-Muskogee group is using an image of the Abiaka/Sam Jones statue on their logo. The image of the statue they have copied is by bronze sculpture artist Brad Cooley & son at the Ah-tha-thi-Ki Museum and Treetop park in Davie. There is a good chance that is copyright infringement. They might have grounds to sue your ass.
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On January 16th, 2013 09:46 pm (UTC), seminolewar replied:
Re: Ark of the Covenant
I saw that ark of the covenant in Panama web page and it is pretty absurd. That guy in the video is making a lot of unsubstantiated claims. And unlike the claims of the web page, archaeologists all over the world are not talking about it. And the Yamassee Tribe of Florida is not a pretty cool tribe because technically, they are not even a tribe--they are a total fraud.
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