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Paynes Creek filming

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Just to let everyone know, there are still plans to film for Paynes Creek Historic State Park. The event at the park the last 3 or 4 years has been one that I have really enjoyed. I met briefly with Ranger Neal today. (He was here working on our wildfire.)

The event they want to film will make a new video for the vistor's center. The old film is almost 40 years sold. It tells the story about what happened in the park in July 1849, which caused the "Panic of 1849" when the trading store was burned, and the Army reactivated many forts in Florida until the crises ended from some swift negotiations.

The film company says they want to film around late July / early August. Neal certainly knows how hot it is that time of the year, and we both agree that there is no need to rush things, and that it would be better to wait until cooler weather. But we will have to see. Also, most of the reenactors are out of town, and you can't just round them up on short notice. I know one family who would participate, but are working at a scout camp in North Carolina until sometime in August.

We did once try a living history event at the park near the actually date of the event in July, and it was the hottest event that I have ever done, with temperature up around 110. It would be a killer for us to try and do that again. One reason why they changed the living history event to the cooler months from October to March, is that nobody ever came out to the event in July.

But it will be good when this project can get moving again.

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