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Sad News

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Sad news. The Florida Frontier Gazette failed to obtain two grants that they were applying for from the state. I can't think of anything worth funding more than the FFG. Here is the announcement from Elizabeth, below.

Elizabeth and Hermann did their best and poured into it as much as anyone could. But, they just ran out of money.

Dear Friends of Florida History:

I have decided to discontinue publishing the Florida Frontier Gazette. I have not been able to find funding to do it justice. We were only able to secure a grant for $8.850 (of the $29,000 applied for) from the Florida Department of State, Historic Preservation Grant this year. I also applied for and did not get the $5000 grant from Visit Florida.

I was not able to find a Marketing Representative to sell Community Spirit Partnerships and Advertising in the magazine. Either they were too inexperienced, or if experienced, they required a base salary which we could not afford.

It's hard to let go, knowing how much people love the publication. It is a hard row to hoe when you ain't got no fertilizer!

So I guess I will cut my losses and getting back to working on my books and artwork. The Florida Frontier Gazette will continue to be available on our website at


I will be reimbursing subscriptions either in full or in part as soon as I receive final payment on the current grant.

The grant will be available for another few weeks. If you know of an organization who would take on publishing the magazine perhaps we could work out a deal.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth Neily, Editor
Florida Frontier Gazette
5409 21st Avenue S.
Gulfport, FL 33707

(727) 321-7845
Cell (727) 744-7051


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