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Events this year.

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This weekend is the shootout reenactment at Big Cypress Seminole Indian reservation. I will be setting up camp, which is something I have not done in a long time. My camp is always very modest and sparse.

The following Saturday, March 3rd, I will be helping out Ranger Neal to burn down the trading post at Paynes Creek State Park east of Tampa, near the small town of Bowling Green. This event is a volunteer appreciation picnic for all the park volunteers in our district 4. We are doing the reenactment of the 1849 incident for the enjoyment of our volunteers. The big annual reenactment at the park is also in March, but I am unable to attend it due to family obligations.

As far as I know, because of conflicting events with my work and family, these are the only two living history and reenactment events that I will be able to participate in during 2012. I wish that I could visit more, but everything else is a bust.

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