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All For Liberty

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Many of my friends who read this blog also know Jimmy Sawgrass. I was looking up Jim's film credits, and found that he did a role in a movie, "All For Liberty" (2008.) The setting of this moving is one man's fight for freedom of South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War. Henry Felder was a Swiss immigrant who played a part in writing South Carolina's Declaration of Independence and forming a militia army to fight the British.

You can not find the movie on Netfilx, and will have to buy a copy through the website, http://www.allforliberty.com . I did, and it was well worth the purchase. It is a great movie, and I will say that it is probably the best historical movie that I have seen in a very long time. I would say that this is like Mel Gibson’s movie, "The Patriot," but with less money put into the production. But it is a top quality film without the big money studio.

Everything was filmed in South Carolina and Georgia and it is mostly a local creation from Charleston.

Henry Felder was an interesting character. South Carolina had slavery, but Henry rescued a freedman from slave catchers and hired him as his foreman. Felder fought the Cherokee, but years later he treated them with compassion and had one as his best friend. (The part that Sawgrass plays in the movie.)

There are a lot of actors and reenactors who took part in the film. I noticed that to keep the production cost down, that many of the actors also work in the film production and are mentioned more than once in the credits. Felder is even played by Clinton Felder, one of Henry’s direct descendants

The soundtrack was a real treat as well. An orchestra that plays Rev War period music, and not any wild synthesizer music.

One thing that I found unusual was that Jimmy Sawgrass kept his own name in the movie. If it was me, I would have changed it to something like Catawba Chief or something like that. And for some odd reason, it sounded like a different voice than Jimmy, like another voice was dubbed instead of his. Don't they like his southern accent?

Still worth it, and check out the website and order a copy. My copy was mailed in an envelope where it was addressed with fancy calligraphy, as if someone in the 18th century mailed it to me. That was a nice gesture.
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