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Not Dumb Savages

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Seems that the false belief still persists in our times that the Native people in Florida were dumb savages. This is not supported by any evidence. From what we know from the wealth of the archaeological evidence, was that the native people of Florida flourished as many large, complex societies. The state historical and archaeological site files are now up to about 180,000 historic and archaeological sites in Florida. This is one of the richest places in the world for archaeological evidence of human habitation and civilization. Artist Hermann Trappman seeks to portray this in his art. His wife Elizabeth had this to say about their recent encounter with ignorant people at a past festival:

Elizabeth wrote: "...there are some renowned scholars who have not renounced their long held racist beliefs that the prehistoric native people were savages. Hermann and I are not welcome in some circles because we tend to rock their boats.

1. By any definition native people in the Americas were organized into nations, not tribes.
2. Native people lived in large cities not villages and their population numbers must be figured on the resources available to them, not on the myth of someone's guess.
3. Native people had international trading partners.
4. Native people were multi-lingual.
5. Native people lived longer, ate better, and had better medical practices than Europeans.
6. Native people practiced a sustainable lifestyle based on an understanding of the environment in which they lived.
7. Native peole did not organize themselves into kingdoms but practiced an egalitarian style of government.
8. Native people practiced a superior form of agriculture based on mimicry, not the soil depleting monoculture that emerged out of the Middle East and spread to Europe then to America.
9. Natve people did not rely on "subsistance living," an anthropological term that demeans the cultures to which it refers.
10. Caciques and caciquas were honored men and honored women, who were chosen because of their skills in leadership, not as a hereditary right.
11. Native women did not run around with Spanish moss draped around their private parts. LeMoyne's drawing are simply is pornography to attract men to settle La Florida. Textiles have been found in archaeological sites dating back over 9,000 years.
12. Native people had sailing craft. Columbus said they did.

So much evidence has been lost to parking lots, we may never know the extent of the great civilizations that lived here. While biblical archaeologists are out in the "Holy Land" trying to find evidence to perpetuate their long held myths, archaeologist here spend a lot of time trying to perpetuate their myth that Native Americans were somehow an inferior race."

You may not agree with all of Elizabeth's points. But even if you agree with half of them, it is still enough evidence to show that they were a significant culture and not a bunch of savages like people mistakenly think.

Just my honest opinion!
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On January 11th, 2012 05:30 am (UTC), duck113 commented:
well put :)
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