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Big Cypress Bend Gift Shop Reopens

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You may remember a few months ago of the tragic fire at Big Cypress Bend. The large chickee that housed the Miccosukee/Seminole gift shop burned down. Well now it has reopened, and looks better than ever. The walkway and the bridge into the shop is now paved and handicap access. The floor inside is tile. I went there today, and it looks beautiful.

I went for a walk down the boardwalk behind the village. When I came back, this great blue heron was peeking inside the window. Even the heron wanted to see what the new shop looked like.

It is great to see the shop back open again. This is the last Indian gift shop along the Tamiami Trail that is not on the reservation. The last from a time when they were numerous along this highway in the 1940s to 1970s.
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