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Website expires next year

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In the next few months my website www.southernhistory.us will come up to renew the domain fee. I plan to let it expire, and here is why.

I have not updated it since 2007. I don’t have the time, and I no longer know how. It takes a specific ftp protocol which has changed. I know the old html, but not the java and the old html is obsolete.

I no longer get a lot of comments on the website. I assume everyone is going to Wikipedia, which is unfortunate because I think that is a poor resource. I once tried adding and editing the Seminole War entries on wiki, but found out that was useless because anyone could edit the entries and put whatever they wanted, which was often not always the best information or even incorrect.

Of the comments I do get from my website, are often trolls or self-declared experts who have no idea what they are talking about. They usually start out by saying that what I wrote was incorrect. Okay, why don’t they back up that statement? I think that I have researched more original documents from the Seminole wars than most people. Looking at the bibliography I had, there are many sources that I used, and not what most people do by reading a few poorly written books.

Sometimes these people who say I am all wrong and offer alternate theories that are the same old trash. Especially when we are talking about Osceola, who had just as much folklore in the newspapers in his lifetime as did other contemporaries like Davy Crockett. I have people present family trees of Osceola that are totally different from what we know of the recorded sources written by people in the 1830s and who knew the family. And even disagree with what Osceola’s descendants among the Creeks and Seminoles said. Osceola’s real descendants know who their ancestors were.

So when I get no feedback other than people with divergent ideas, than I sometimes wonder why I even bother.

Another reason why I plan to take down the website is the cost. I cannot afford another $100 a year to keep the domain name. These days my paycheck does not cover the entire month. I am giving out all this information and am the one paying for it. Since I get no recognition for it, what is the incentive?

I will plan to keep my blog up and running. At least with that, I can make comments and updates. And the annual subscription is a lot cheaper.
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