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1974 Skunk Ape Manhunt

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I found something interesting this past week.

Probably what got me interested in the bigfoot phenomenon was back around 1974 there was a rash of bigfoot, or skunk ape sightings in Florida. There was an incident around Dade or Broward County where a highway patrolman shot at one along highway 27, and a search ensued with nothing found.

It was all over the news, where Robert W. Morgan was seen tracking it, and there was an article and photo of Morgan in the newspaper. (Robert made the 1970s movies “Bloodstalkers,” filmed in this area, and “In Search of Bigfoot” filmed around Mount St. Helens.) I didn’t know Robert back in 1974, but he told me about his involvement in this case 25 years later. He was not the one doing the tracking, but giving the appearance of tracking to lead the press away from the person doing the real tracking. Robert’s friend did the real tracking and followed the tracks until they entered the sawgrass and disappeared.

There are a couple locals that I go to for stuff on the history and the culture of this area. Their business is a magnet for news and information, like the small town barber or beauty shop. One of them said they have never told this to anyone because they don’t know what to think about it.

So anyway, he said that several years ago, a guy stopped by and told him a story. He said he didn’t know what to think or what to believe, and it is just what the guy said, and left it at that.

The early 70s had a rash of skunk ape sightings all over Florida. This visitor said that his brother got a gorilla outfit, and hid along the roadside at night along highway 27, waiting to jump out when a car came near. Apparently he was too far outside of town, and had to wait a long time before a car approached. And it just happened to be a highway patrolman, who got out and started shooting at the mysterious creature. (Skunk ape mania was at its height.) The guy said that the cop kept firing, and wouldn’t stop shooting. The costumed brother ducked, ran off, and hid in a marshy area for hours until the coast was clear. There is no way to verify any claim about this story.

Apparently this is the same sighting that Robert Morgan was investigating and tracked back in January 1974. I called someone else last night, who said that they had seen a police dashboard cam movie of it, and it was definitely a person in a costume. I haven’t seen this video. I don’t know if it was the same incident because I don’t know if there was such a thing as dashboard video cameras back in 1974. Video tape was around at that time and used by television, but not widely used by the public.
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