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We need a good short 2SW film!

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Today, I had to dig out some of my storage boxes with old video tapes to locate a few tapes I need copies. A co-worker is trying to convert a few tapes of mine to DVD. I do not even have a VCR player anymore. I need DVD copies of "Florida Crossroads: The Road to Statehood,” and the school film about Florida history, “The 27th Star.” Unfortunately they were done on soon-to-be-gone VHS format instead of DVD back around 1995. Both are about Florida history from Ponce to statehood in 1845, and both have footage used from Dade Battle reenactment. The year before, Discovery Channel filmed us at Dade to get footage for the mini-series, “How the West Was Lost.” Discovery ended up discarding most of the footage, but it was reused for these other two projects. I think that I see myself on both programs.

What brought this about, is that recently after the reenactment with Alligator Festival, several different park managers were discussing the need for a comprehensive short film about the 2nd Seminole War to show to park visitors. Seems that park visitors come away from the event wanting to know more, and there is a great need to educate people about the war. The PM's seemed to vaguely remember these two programs, but nobody seems to have a copy anymore, including the state library. So they found their way to ask me, and I still do have copies. There really is not anything about the war that is currently available on video/dvd anywhere. The Dade Battle video is about Dade Battle and concentrates mostly on that. And “How the West Was Lost" episode about the Seminoles really sucks, with mostly footage filmed from a helicopter flying over the Everglades.

Since the person converting these over to dvd is doing it for free, then I will not take requests for copies. Only a few copies will be made for the parks that requested these, and that is all. One reason why I am not taking requests is these are almost 17 year old films anyway. We need something new made. The 27th Star is particularly dated, because it has 10-year olds in fashions from 17 years ago, with a “magical computer CD.” I would think that 10-year olds today probably don't use CD's on computers anymore, and probably most have not even held one in their hands. I need to put that with my magical 8-track tape player. Now the sounds from the stereo phones with the 8-track really were magical!
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