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Lorrie at Fort Cooper

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I am really going to miss my friend Lorrie who passed away last week. I have known her for many years at Fort Cooper and Dade Battle reenactment. She even came down to my park one year, which was a long drive for her.

Below, Lorrie at Collier-Seminole State Park in 2003. No, she is not on fire.

She was always generous and her camp would become shelter for anyone needing it. She always had a pot on the fire. Often she did not have two dimes to rub together but would help anyone in need. She did not have email, and did not always have a phone when she could not pay the bill. But she was always generous.

She was strongly intuitive and could finish your sentences before you did. I saw her married at Fort Cooper before I left for the Army. When I came back from the Army she was getting a divorce. She was just never treated right by the world, which always saddened me.

I have gotten to know her son-in-law Chuck and did not realize that his wife was Lorrie’s daughter. I have known Lorrie for so long that I forgot those little kids are now grown. Chuck, like myself, is an Army vet from the first gulf war in 1991, so we have that bond as brothers-in-arms. Even if we were in different sandboxes.

Chuck called the other day and said that there will be a memorial for Lorrie at Fort Cooper on October 1st. Lorrie lived near there, and was always a part of the event. I am not quite sure on the times, but folks like us tend to show up when we are ready. Some are planning to camp for the night, but you need to make arrangements with the park because they need a head count. (Limited space.)

Lorrie would often have her camp close to Swamp Owl. I think she did that to keep him out of trouble, if that is ever possible. I am getting a barred owl hooting out my window as I am typing this. Opa is agreeing with me, perhaps?

Below, Swamp Owl and Lorrie in 2003.

Swamp Owl said he will cook something in a pot for dinner at Fort Cooper on Saturday when we are there for remembering Lorrie. I jokingly told Chuck that we all might have our own funeral afterwards.

Which reminds me of a funny story about Swamp Owl at Fort Cooper, and a pot of chili over the fire that got filled with caterpillars, making anyone sick who tasted it. The lesson learned was that when we are there in the spring for the Fort Cooper reenactment, the caterpillars tend to fall out of the trees that time of year. The white caterpillars which give me a rash that lasts a month. So we learned that it is best to cover the pot over the fire and check what is in it first before chowing down. Fortunately when we will be there in a couple weeks, it is not the time of the year that the caterpillars drop out of the trees.

P.S. I talked with Swamp Owl, and he and Connie gave me some of the particulars of what happened. It was very strange for her to go so quickly, and there was probably something internal that happened that we don't know about. I doubt that there was any suffering, which is the way we all want to go. God bless her; she was a true and kind soul.
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