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To Continue on my earlier point...

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My last blog I mentioned about the Muscogee Nation of Florida in the community of Bruce in Walton County. I see that they have been doing a lot of good work establishing a food bank for needy families, and trying to establish a health clinic. All these are very good, and they are commended for doing this. There is a great need for these services in this impoverished rural area.

But I still maintain my opinion against federal recognition for Muscogee Nation of Florida. Providing social services for people in need are a different matter from federal recognition as an Indian tribe. They are saying that they need federal recognition to continue or support these social services.

There are numerous services down here in Collier County that provide social services for needy people. Yesterday I stopped by the thrift shops at St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill. St. Matthews House provides shelter and meals for people in need, and I have dropped off canned foods for them before. All of these are worthy services that need support, but none of them are saying they need federal recognition as an Indian tribe for continued support.

Muscogee Nation of Florida’s social services are no different than if they were established at the Methodist Church across the street in the small community of Bruce.

If they want support as a worthy social service, there are many ways of doing that with federal and state grants.

Establishing the service does not make them eligible for tribal status. When the Seminole and Miccosukee Tribes of Florida gained federal recognition about 50 years ago, they did not have these social services established. And Glades Cross Mission with Deaconess Bedell was under the Episcopal Church.
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