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They are Hurricanes—God is not pissed at you.

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Time for a Sunday Sermon. You won't hear this in any church, either.

Okay people, get a grip back onto reality. God is not pissed at the United States or anyone. Hurricanes are natural forces. They are supposed to follow the gulf stream and hit the east coast or Gulf of Mexico. If our planet spun the opposite direction, where the sun rose in the west and set in the east, all these storms would originate as rain off North America and become hurricanes that hit Spain and North Africa really. These weather patterns are just the natural order of things.

And Hurricane Katrina did not hit New Orleans because God did not like them. If that was true, then God also hated all the Bible belt folks in Mississippi, because they really got wiped out by the storm too, and in some places they got hit even worse. So if you say that God hates New Orleans, you will also have to say he really hated all the simple Christian folks in Mississippi. Katrina went up the Pearl River; it did not make a direct strike on New Orleans.

Uh-oh! Hurricane Ivan hits the Florida and Alabama upper Gulf coast in 2004. God really hated those condos on the beach; had to get to them first before he goes to New Orleans.

Florida has a 100-year weather cycle. We had some bad years of cold winters in the late 1970s and early 80s. We had drought after that. But it must be more like a 90-cycle, because Florida had some bad freezes around 1894 and years of bad drought around 1907. We got the same thing 90 years later.

So now, right on the same schedule, we are having bad hurricanes. The worst year for hurricanes that we recorded in history was from 1900-1935. Hurricane Donna in 1960 was a bad one, and Camille in 1969. Then we have a few slow years. Tell you what: the slow years were the unusual years, not the years of hurricanes.

So now we had a few really bad years of hurricanes, and everyone thinks that nature had gone wild. Not it has not. We are just going through natural cycles.

We have more and more people moving to Florida. They want to live on the beach. They remove all the natural mangroves or sea oats that hold down the barrier islands. So a hurricane hits, and they are all surprised. The storm moves the barrier island. Hey folks, this is what is supposed to happen in a hurricane. The barrier islands are supposed to take the major hit from the waves and wind. That is why years ago, old Florida people did not like to live on the islands or on the beach.

Then we have the people who say it is God's fault. Blame it on God. This is the excuse that people make who are not connected with their natural surroundings and environment. When people are not aware of the natural forces on the earth and their natural surroundings, they go back to medieval thinking.

"God is mad at your sin."

"God is punishing America."

"God is punishing American for the Bush administration's policy towards Israel." (Yes, I really know a church who said this, and when you step back and look at it rationally, it sounds very ridiculous.)

So what did God have against the people in Galveston with Hurricane Rita? What did God have against my trailer?--I had a direct hit from Hurricane Wilma. Why doesn't God hit radical Muslims with hurricanes? I thought God liked Christians better than Muslims. Why are not the radical Muslims in the Middle East hit by Hurricanes? Why doesn't God hit Indian because of all those idols? You see, when you have to look at it rationally, you come to realize that some of the things the church tells you are wrong, and people who are preaching this just don't have a clue. It's a hurricane. It's a force of nature. Get over it.
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