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Lest we forget that they're still out there.

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The subject of what I call the "Creek Cults" came up in conversation. So I am directing a few people to this article I transcribed a few years ago. I copied it from a very poor quality photocopy. I wish the photos were good enough quality to reprint--they are telling.

Article: Creek Indian nation's rebirth proclaimed by descendants

This series of articles appeared in a now-defunct newspaper in Tampa, and it is near impossible to find a copy of the former issues. I don't even know if the library in Tampa has it on microfilm.

The simple explanation is this: when money is involved, all sorts of people come out of the woodwork to try and get a piece of it.

These groups are still around today. They are simply personality cults masquerading as Creek tribes. Some of them might even have Creek ancestry. Many of the people mentioned in the article have long passed away. Different faces, but on the same menu.

This asks the question of what exactly is a tribe or band? I say that they have to have an unbroken chain of history and culture. Stories and bits of language that carry on. If they totally forget and deny their culture, they can't bring it back after a few generations. Just my opinion!
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