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Afraid to Go Outside

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I am having one of those mornings again. I get up early, still groggy, grab a bowl of cereal. Instead of grabbing the milk, I grab the water jug next to it, and start pouring it on my cereal. After about two seconds, I realized my mistake and switched to the milk. Tasted the same anyway.

Then it rained when I went to the grocery store.

I guess it is not as bad as what I did one groggy morning. I was going up to see Earl in Ocala, and got up at 5 a.m. I put the cereal back in the fridge, and the milk back in the cabinet. Of course I didn't discover my mistake until I got home at 8 p.m. that night, giving enough time for the milk to sour. But I can only laugh at myself.

Some people have become so unattached from their natural surroundings, that the world outside their doors is the scary, unknown place where they might not survive the visit.

If you are that afraid, don't worry. More people are likely to get killed on the highway to work each day than outside in the parks. I have seen people killed on the highway. I have never seen people killed in a park. And the only people I have heard that were killed in parks, it is usually because of drowning; not from anything that was chasing after them.

Unfortunately the alligators are getting a bad rap these days. Still in the last 60 years, only about 17 people have died from alligators, and you can usually find the humans at fault. (Feeding gators so the loose their fear of humans and associate them with food, encroaching on their nests and territory, or the alligators mistakes a human swimming as another alligator or even a dog.) The worst thing that humans can do is feed an alligator. Don't even feed them marshmallows. And don't bring your dog near a gator--gators do like them.

So a car with four people comes into my park and rents a couple of canoes. When they come back an hour later, they said the women refused to go canoeing because of a three or four foot long alligator nearby that wouldn't move. And alligator that size won't eat humans. Even a larger alligator won't eat humans. Herpetologists say we don't taste very good to them anyway. I have been right next to 6 ft. or larger gators canoeing out in the natural Florida, and they have not been a problem to me.

Then we had some weenie guy come into the park to do some hiking. The guy was big and rough looking, just like myself. First he commented on how there was nobody else in the park. Not a surprise, because it is our slow season. Then he signed up for the 3.5 mile biking trail, and asked about the alligator pond on the map. I told him it would not be a problem, and that nothing there would bother him. He comes back a little while later, saying that there was nobody else on the trail. No surprise again; it's the slow season. He said that he didn't want to go out on the trail if nobody else was there, because he was worried about getting injured or stranded. Okay, now I knew he was a patsy. If you are afraid to go outside, stay in front of the tv. I have been on the same trail by myself dozens of times--even at night. I go out in the wilderness along on a regular basis. How did I ever live to be my age?

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