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Jesup responds to Gaines

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There was an interesting letter by General Thomas Jesup in the April 14, 1836 edition of the Army Navy Chronicle, responding to General Gaines.

Gaines had put the blame of the failure of his expedition upon the Army Quartermaster. That supplies for his 1,100 or 1,200 men were not there waiting for him, and the soldiers did not have enough rations.

Jesup responds that the full responsibility lies with General Gaines. That the supplies were ordered from New York only a few weeks before, with not enough time to arrive where they were needed in Florida. And that Gaines should have known that all the roads and methods of travel to Fort King and the interior of Florida had been cut off and were under control of the Seminoles. If a force much smaller than Gaines' army under General Clinch could not open the road between Fort King and Tampa Bay, than Gaines should not have expected supplies to be waiting at Fort King.

Further, that Gaines knew that General Scott was on the move, and that no supplies would arrive before Scott. Jesup's scathing letter does not make Gaines look good. Maybe the incident in Florida was the pinnacle of Gaines career, and it was all downhill from there.

And he was shot in the mouth by a Seminole rifle ball, which took out his last good tooth.
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