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What is wrong with people?

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I have a Choctaw / Comanche friend in Oklahoma who broadcasts a program on the internet and a few local stations in Okieland, called, "Adventures Into the Strange." I have been his guest a few times when he is in need of someone to ramble on about things.

It seems that with the internet today, that people do not know how to behave in a civil manner. If you do not like the guest or what is being said, you can turn it off and go do something else. Everybody has their own opinion, and their dislike of another should not extend to things beyond accepted behavior. Like, flood someone's email with garbage. Or, find out their cell phone number, and call someone who is a complete stranger, all odd hours of the day or night.

Tuklo and his brother Roddie John had a guest on the last week who is controversial in the UFO community. Apparently UFO folks are just as insane as bigfoot researchers, which are people who have no ability to respect a difference of opinion. I told Tuklo in an email why I thought their guest was crazy, but that was it. Nobody was forcing me to listen, and I turned it off when I had enough. I did not continue to question the honor and intelligence of the program hosts.

Unfortunately, some people went beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior and flooded Tuklo, John, their wives and family members, with emails and phone calls multiple times. This is obsessive behavior from people who have no life away from their computers.

I do not agree with everything that guests say on the program. I have no problem with disagreeing. And there are a few things which I would disagree with the guests on Monday, but I enjoy listening to them because they present their arguments well. I do not always agree with things said by the guest on Tuesday, but listen to him every week. If I agreed with everything they said, then I would not be thinking on my own. But this week, I really enjoyed the Monday and Tuesday shows, and thought that the guests were at the top of their game.

So my point is, if people have a different opinion and do not agree with everything they hear, let it go and leave it alone. Take care of your own life. In our age with the internet and email, there are some amazing things, but sometimes I wonder if it was such a good idea.
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