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Betty Mae Jumper

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Another Seminole elder passed away last week. She was 87 years old, and Snake clan. Her name was Betty Mae Jumper, and she was known world-wide for collecting Seminole stories, and published some of them in a book. I think the following photo from the book is how she would like to be remembered.

Her accomplishments are well known. Being the first among the tribe to graduate high school. She was the first woman as tribal chairman. Her husband Moses Jumper, Sr. was a World War II veteran. They both even wrestled alligators together!

Their son Moses Jumper, Jr., is a well respected cattle rancher on Big Cypress today.

This photo below is of Betty Mae, probably in the late 1940s. She is the good looking girl standing in the middle. I wonder if the elder lady to the left is her grandmother, Mary Tiger?

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