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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I love it. I hate the shopping, but love the lights, the music, and the cheerfulness. I have only been inside a church a couple times in the past two years, but one thing I miss is taking Mom and Dad to the Christmas music concerts.

Since Mom passed away in 2008, Dad and I have not felt like celebrating the holidays without her. This year, we are feeling a little more festive. At my last visit with Dad, he wanted some Christmas decorations put up around the house. I could only find a few; I guess most were sold in the estate sale. I found a small tree for the coffee table, and a couple stockings for the fireplace. And a few more things. But that was enough to add a little holiday atmosphere for us. The wreaths have been on the outside door for about three years!

Also during my visit to the old house a couple weeks ago, I found a box of Mom's Christmas cards. It seems as if she watches out for us even when she has gone. She had several very beautiful cards. She liked really classy things, especially when it concerned religion. One card I have scanned in and share with you below. The inside folds out into a Bethlehem nativity mural. I did not have enough cards for everyone, so I can share it with everyone right here. I also found some of my cards from last year, so this has really saved me a trip to the store, which I don't look forward too. So although I am late on sending the cards out, there are some nice ones shared with some of you from myself, my Dad, and my Mom.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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