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Turner Falls, Arbuckle Mountains

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One of the places I stayed for a few days was near Turner Falls, in the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma. I even had ice on the windshield one morning; something I haven't had in years. (Except one really cold morning down here last January.)

Geology has always interested me. The Arbuckle Mountains in south Oklahoma are actually one of the oldest mountain ranges on the planet. They have been worn down over the hundreds of millions of years so they are now just rocky hills. Turner Falls are a beautiful cascade right in the middle.

The main exit off I-35 is Exit #51.

At this exit, you can load up on the world famous, "Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies." I did about three or four times.

There are a few interesting wilderness sites in this area. A wildlife park at Arbuckle Wilderness Preserve. The oldest church camp in the country. And where I visited, Turner Falls.

It is a privately run park, but has campgrounds, cabins, hiking trails, and some other odd things. Late October when I was here is the off season.

One of the odd things at Turner Falls is the castle. A professor at OU built this odd castle as a guest house and summer home in the 1930s.

I didn't know what Dr. Ellsworth Collins taught at the university, but it was obviously not engineering. Each room is like a separate little castle on the hill side. Designed more for eccentricity than anything else, I suppose.

The Arbuckles are an almost magical place. Maybe that is why you have this eccentric castle, the first church camp in the country built here, and these sacred falls.

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