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Various Oklahoma

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Here are a couple places that I visited, but not enough photos to fill a whole blog.

I finally got to see the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa. Unfortunately no photography is allowed inside, and I spend several hours here until I was too tired to walk around any more. Outside the entrance is this bust of South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar.

The museum was started by Mr. Gilcrease, who was himself Creek Indian. He had made a fortune during the oil boom, and would collect not only fine art, but entire collections. So you could almost say that this museum is the Smithsonian of Oklahoma. I was impressed with the huge mural of the Battle of Chapultepec castle from the Mexican War.

One of the exhibits is about early America, "America: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Nation." There are photographs of people I didn't know had photographs, like Sam Houston and President Polk. (Polk died not long after serving as President.) There is a sketch of Davy Crockett where he wrote in the margin that it is one of the few accurate ones of him.

There is some southeastern stuff in the museum, like a painting of women ribbon dancers by Creek artist Solomon McCombs. (I know his daughter.) The eagle feather bonnet that Fred Beavers used to wear when he visited the Florida Folk Festival, over 50 years ago. And some Mississippian shell carvings and pottery.

If you are into museums and anywhere near Tulsa, Gilcrease is worth checking out.

So I was south of Wewoka (Seminole Nation) and went by this historical marker for the community of Sasakwa. The Jumper family would be interested in this.

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