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Fort Washita

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So, one of the reasons I picked to go to Oklahoma on vacation was because my friend Ryan wanted me to come and do the ghost stories with him and Colonel Abolt again. I got Ryan started with that hobby when he was in college at OU, 12 years ago. Now Ryan is married, and his wife enjoys going there too. So I had several friends in Okieland that I had wanted to visit, and the reason I decided out there.

I am actually part of the ghost stories at Fort Washita, so I have a story to tell the crowd. But unfortunately a month before the event, the south barracks building that is the main building in the park, burned to the ground. Arson.

They caught the culprits, and there is a lot of support to raise money and rebuild the barracks. I am member on three or four facebook pages devoted to it. The tours were so popular, they added another day. So the tours ran from Tuesday to Saturday night.

I was only there on Saturday, and I did my ghost medicine as usual, and things were very quiet. Unusual for that place. I always do the ghost medicine because what happened there the first year I came. (A story for another time.) And it seems to work and the place is always quiet when I am there. Do not ask me about further details about the ghost sickness or ghost medicine, because I will not talk about that here.

Fort Washita is far outside from any town. So you do get the sense of isolation. It was started by Gen. Zachary Taylor in 1842 to defend the Red River frontier. Lt. Col. William Belknap who roamed around the Everglades in 1841 was buried here, but the family moved his remains to the home in the midwest. But Belknap's empty tomb is still here.

I got at the fort at Sundown, so I don't have many photos. Still, we always enjoy to be here at that time and watch the sun go behind the west barracks remains and the trees.

I do have one other interesting photo of the Confederate cemetery.

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