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Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton, Okla.

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I went over to see the Comanche Nation Museum, in Lawton, Oklahoma. It was only one room. Much of the exhibits had to do with their former reservation school, and some of the code talkers. If you want beadwork and plains culture, there was not much here. (I did put a few bucks in the donation box, though.)

So I was more interested next door, at the Museum of the Great Plains. This one did have the beadwork and plains culture.

One interesting room, was where they had the display cabinets from Tingley's Oklahoma Indian Store and Trading post. It closed years ago, until the family that owned the building, sent the display cabinets to the museum, with the items still in the cases. They would sell crafts made by the local tribes. (Comanche?) Here are some views of the beautiful crafts and beadwork. I wish the store was still around!

And there are good historical displays, like this one about the trading posts on the great plains.

Out in the back of the museum, are several outdoor exhibits. Like this reconstructed fort and trading post, the Red River Trading Post, circa 1830.

And it is always nice to meet folks here who are wanting to talk about the 1830s, my main time period!

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