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Fort Toulouse French Cannons

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Continuing more photos from Fort Toulouse.

There was a cannon and artillery display set up in front of the French fort that I found interesting. This U-shaped ramrod for small artillery pieces looks very nice. And you are not in front at any time. It was more for naval guns like this one.

This is a breech loading Spanish cannon. I saw another one in the Artillery museum at Ft. Sill. The charge and shot would be put in a cup that fit nicely in the back breech. But they had a problem of exploding in the back, and becoming a deadly projectile to the soldiers behind it, so it was not very popular. They have found one of these breech cups here at the fort from archaeological work.

Close up of back breech. (below.)

A small portable cannon that can be easily disassembled and packed on a horse. And one person can be the entire crew as well. But small guns like this are really not very effective. Maybe if they loaded them with nails, it would work.

And a cute little tiny mortar.

Now onto more Fort Jackson.

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