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Alabama Frontier Days

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It was two weeks ago, but I still have photos to post and stories to catch up on.
I did this event when I worked in Alabama, 8 years ago. So I was really wanting to go again and have missed everyone. It is one of my favorites. So I finally decided to go, and make it a fun trip.

Below: "The sofa" and "Devil with a blue dress on" Col. Abolt in his smoking jacket.

Where the Tallapoosa and Coosa Rivers meet to form the Alabama River has been a important place in history. Hickory Town, one of the main Creek towns was here.

Fort Toulouse was a French fort and trading post until the British gained control of the area in 1763. A lot of Creek history happened here, and many of the famous Creeks are related to soldiers at the fort. Red Eagle and Josiah Francis had parents among the French soldiers. The fort watched over the rivers that meet here.

After General Andrew Jackson destroyed the Creek confederacy at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, he established Fort Jackson to negotiate a peace with the Creeks. Where he forced major land cessions from all of them, including the ones who were friendly to him. That is a topic for another time!

Below: Monument erected in 1915 in commemoration of Ft Toulouse/Jackson.

Below: Davy Crockett (who was a scout here with the Tennessee troops.) And myself.

Below: the 7th Infantry's kitchen.

Below: barracks at the French fort. (Jugglers, left.)

Below: the flag at the French fort. No surprise?

More later!
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