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Murrell Home Cherokee Mansion

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The Murrell home is the only surviving antebellum home in Oklahoma Cherokee territory. It was built in 1844 by George Murrell from Virginia, and his wife Minerva Ross Murrell, who was niece of Cherokee chief John Ross. Most people don't think of Native Americans as being southern slave owners. It is probably a miracle that the building survived for 166 years.

During the Civil War the family sent the furniture and belongings to New Orleans for safety and storage. Indian territory became lawless and a very dangerous place. The Cherokee Confederates under General Stand Waite were roving the countryside, randomly looting and killing people. (That is a story for another time.)

Below: A display of some great Cherokee bead work.

In the 1940s the mansion was donated to the state and the furnishings were eventually returned. That makes it really nice, because they are absolutely stunning. Here are a few photos from just one room.

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